Catherine Handley
2nd Flute

When did you join the ESO?

I think I did my first concert with ESO in 2006.

Tell us about how you became a professional musician

I went to the Royal Academy of Music…My 1st study was Flute & my 2nd study piano (couldn’t get the grade) then singing (couldn’t get the grade!!!) then conducting (finally made the grade…hooray!!) & then had a fun year at National Centre for Orchestral Studies. I started as a freelancer with 1 concert & continued to build doing anything to do with music & hey presto I had a career!

Any hobbies? 

I love walking up mountains (& down again!) & by the sea. I regularly run (maximum 5k) & do yoga, swim & spin (in the gym not on a loom). I have just started to learn the baroque flute & also play folk music.

Favourite piece(s) of music?

I don’t have a favourite piece of music because it depends what mood I’m in & there are so many fantastic pieces in every style. However I will always go back to Bach.