Stuart Essenhigh
Principal Trumpet

When did you join the ESO?

Joined ESO in Nov 2015

Tell us about how you became a professional musician

Dad bought an old trumpet off a colleague (he felt sorry for the guy because he was trying to raise cash after a divorce). Dad brought the trumpet home, put it on the kitchen table and asked my brother and I if we fancied having a go at it. Obviously, my brother was the smart one that didn’t say anything and therefore avoided years of blood sweat and tears in trying to learn the bloomin thing!

Any hobbies? 

My hobby is Motorcycle Trials riding. Due to injuries I didn’t ride for about 6 years, but I am now riding again and gradually, hopefully, getting some of the old skills back. Below is a picture, for those that don’t know what Trials riding is.

Favourite piece(s) of music?

Couldn’t possibly answer what my favourite piece of music is but near the top of the list would be Brahms Piano Concerto No.2, Bruckner Symphonies and Strauss Four Last Songs.