Every business, in this case Arts Charity, goes on a journey and every person involved in that organisation goes on their own journey with it too!

Anyone that works in or with the arts knows that you don’t do it for the money because … there is none! I, much like my colleagues, am fiercely passionate about music and people. I believe that at the heart of every amazing organisation is people, whether they are the people that work for and with that business or people that benefit from or receive those goods and services.

I have noticed in my mere few months with the ESO that it really is people and passion that drive this organisation forward, we are a small but exceptionally dedicated team of music nerds! That probably is where the ‘nerdishness’ starts and finishes though, with our chair Chris, being a self confessed techno plonker… we’re working on a theme tune for it.

The more I learn about the ESO the more I see the need to ensure that those working their socks off get the recognition they deserve, unknown to them I may just name and not shame them in this blog! As I find my feet in my role as Development Officer, I also find myself becoming a bigger part of the ESO family, and it really is a family, supportive and nurturing.

My journey with the orchestra is at its beginning but there are a few people that I have already come to know in my time here that deserve a mention so in no particular order, we have Rich our friends secretary and chief volunteer.

Without Rich our concerts would lack come vibrancy (come to a concert and see his wonderful spectacles and dashing blue suit), he works tirelessly as a volunteer to spread the ESO message of concerts and community, and is always keen to speak to new potential friends of the orchestra.

Liz, is an incredibly talented actor in her own right, and then works a full time job plus being our finance and accountant in her role on the board with us. She has a tough job of making sure that the rest of us don’t get too carried away with artistic desire for the orchestra, and ensures that we have the money in to pay everybody! See I told you she was important.

Noriko and James wear many hats with the orchestra, both being marvellous musicians, then they also run our ESO Youth courses, usually a weekend of half term fun for young musicians from all over the country. However, they also do many extra bits, including organising refreshments for orchestral rehearsals (this isn’t an exhaustive list both James and Noriko do a vast amount for the orchestra).

There are many more people to mention but I will save them for next time!


Ashley x