A fantastic FIVE STAR review from Guy Rickards in the current issue of Musical Opinion – Quarterly for John Joubert – Composer‘s Jane Eyre on SOMM Recordings.

“The contribution of the English Symphony Orchestra is as dynamic and essential as that of any of the major characters.”

Kenneth Woods, conductor – what would British music do without this brilliant American?”

“The cast is uniformly strong, their sense of commitment and discovery of this superb score palpable.”

April Fredrick, soprano is the star of the show, of course, not just coping with some very challenging vocal writing, but moulding Jane into a convincing operatic heroine.”

David Stout is the dark, as the secretive Rochers, to her light and the story also charts his painful path to a romantic, secular redemption”

SOMM Recordings‘s sound is terrifically clear, the audience unobtrusive almost to a fault except perhaps in the intensity of their listening. Strongly recommended.