ESO Core Player Information Survey

In order to help with potential planning / interest in future work opportunities, as well as ensuring we have current information held for you in relation to PPL, please complete the informaton below.

Upon submission, information will be sent through to Andy via e-mail in the first instance.  Relevant data may be shared with relevant third parties (such as PPL numbers being shared with record labels and PPL itself) as and when required.  Answers provided in relation to work opportunites are just for internal (ESO) use, do not guarantee work opportunities should they arise, and you would be approached directly for availability/interest should such opportunities arise.

To register with PPL, please visit or for more information on free membership, go to 

Player Information Survey

Would you be interested in paid opportunities doing any of the following? (Please check all that apply)

Do you have the facility to record/broadcast from home if required?

Would you be interested in your Orchestra chair being available for sponsorship, if offered?

6 + 10 =