A superb, 5-star review for John Joubert – Composer‘s Jane Eyre from Michael Quinn at Classical Ear.

“It’s a thrilling, emotional experience characterised by a score rich in feeling (variously conjuring Wagner, Strauss, Puccini, Britten and others) and dramatic focus.

Kenneth Woods, conductor‘s assured conducting coaxes committed playing from the English Symphony Orchestra with vocal performances throughout strong and characterful. Outstanding is April Fredrick, soprano’s titular heroine, richly imagined and sung with nuanced grace and passion. David Stout’s Rochester boasts a powerful, tortured presence, with Clare McCaldin’s Mrs Fairfax and Mark Milhofer’s Reverend Rivers also making valuable contributions. Kudos, too, to engineer Ben Connellan, and to SOMM Recordings, currently on a creative surge. Highly recommended.”