Wall of Water- The Programme

The Programme

21 April, 2017
7:30 PM
The Bridgewater Hall, Manchester

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Thea Musgrave – Green” for String Orchestra

“This short work is about conflict – expressed here by the clash of opposing musical forces.  One “force” an “arioso” is melodic, tonal, straightforward, and, at times, emotional. It is mainly led by the first violin. The other “force” led by the double bass, is strongly discordant. It is essentially non-melodic, static, suffocating, inexorable and impersonal. Its only contrast is getting louder or getting softer, getting denser, or less dense.  Many parallels to this conflict can of course be drawn from real life.  The title “Green” for me represents either the freshness of youth, or for the plant life in our world on which we all depend. “


Deborah Pritchard – Violin Concerto: “Wall of Water” (World Premiere)

“Wall of Water is written in response to the new series of paintings by artist Maggi Hambling and reflects the intense power, movement and depth of her work. Each wave is depicted musically as it transforms regarding architecture, energy and colour in an expressive dialogue between soloist and orchestra.”

Harriet Mackenzie – violin

Violinist Harriet Mackenzie

Violinist Harriet Mackenzie





Emily Doolittle – “falling still” for Violin and Strings (UK Premiere)

“Many of my pieces are inspired by sounds from the natural world, Although it might not be apparent on first listening, falling still is one of these. I wrote this piece after hearing a European blackbird singing against the gently changing background sounds of light rain at dawn. I was fascinated by how both sounds were beautiful, and the combination of them even more so, even though the bird is a living being, making choices about which sounds it produces, while the rain sound is the result of an inanimate process. Falling still  explores the contrast and combination between a warm, “living”, constantly changing sound – the extended violin melody – and the beautiful but stubbornly unchanging chord progression in the rest of the strings.”


Kaija Saariaho- Terra Memoria” for String Orchestra (UK Premiere)

“The piece is dedicated “for those departed”. Some thoughts about this: we continue remembering the people who are no longer with us; the material – their life – is “complete”, nothing will be added to it. Those of us who are left behind are constantly reminded of our experiences together: our feelings continue to change about different aspects of their personality, certain memories keep on haunting us in our dreams. Even after many years, some of these memories change, some remain clear flashes which we can relive.  The title Terra Memoria refers to two words which are full of rich associations: to earth and memory. Here earth refers to my material, and memory to the way I’m working on it.”